Coconut Grove Bra Strap Holder Multi Colour Pack

Turns your Bra into a "Racer Back" Bra


Need to hide your straps or would you like to turn your bra into a racer back? The Bra Strap Holder Multi Pack lets you match your straps to your bra color effortlessly. Simply attach the holder to the middle of your bra straps & adjust to fit. Holds your bra straps in place so the shoulder straps don't move or slide off. Attach to the front of your bra for specialty wear. 90% nylon, 10% elastane, 3 pieces per pack, Colours- white, nude, black

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#5440    Coconut Grove RacerBack Strap Holder MultiPack
Need to hide those straps or turn your bra into a racer back? Connects through the back of your bra allowing those straps to sit closer to the middle of your back. Great for sloping shoulders,tanks & halter tops. 3 pieces per pack (white, nude, black)