Coconut Grove Breast Enhancer 3218

Boost Your Cleaveage


Coconut Grove Silicone Push up Pads enhance ones breast size. All you have to do is slip them in your bra to support, lift, and enhance your breasts. These silicone forms are specifically designed to have the natural look, colour, feel, and softness of real breasts. Their unique design will actually warm to your body temperature & mold to fit the shape of your own breasts. They are so comfortable, you will probably forget you are wearing them. One pair per box, One size 100% silicone, nude only

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#3218    Coconut Grove Silicone Push-Up Pad
Silicone Breast Forms without a nipple, helps to achieve a fuller bustline by increasing your size, as well as pushing up your own breasts. Designed for smaller breasts, and/or women who have undergone breast surgery.