Coconut Grove Extenders: 4000 Series

Makes a "too small" bra bigger


Coconut Grove offers many different kinds of bras and accessories. These bra extenders increases the rib cage measurement easily without any sewing. Simply attach the extender to your existing bra. Designed specifically to give additional comfort should you need that extra bit of width. Fine tunes a bra that is too tight due to shrinkage, pregnancy, weight gain or half size bras. 100% nylon, 100% polyester lining.

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#Extenders-4000-Series    Coconut Grove Bra Strap Extenders
1 hook, 2 hook, 3 hook, 4 hook bra extenders. Allows you to increase the rib cage measurement of your bras one size. Fits 1 hook,2 hook, 3 hook, & 4 hook bras. White Black & Nude