Prima Donna's(R) Madison 016-2120

Prima Donna's Sexy, Stylish & Supportive Bra B,C,D,E cups only This Bra Fits Fabulously!


Prima Donna's Madison full cup bra offers a deeper cup to accommodate breast tissue that could otherwise end up under your arms. Perfect for women with full breasts and extra breast tissue under the armpits. Stretch elastic Leavers lace along the top of the cups allows for a perfect fit for each breast - even if your breasts are uneven in size. Center front features a double bow with teardrop shaped clear crystal like ornamentation. 80% Polyamide, 20% Elastane NOW IN RED!!

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#016-2120    Prima Donna Madison Full Cup Wire Bra
This amazing fitting bra is flirty with lush lace detail. Airy leaf-patterned lace at top of cup and straps, subtle curved striping detail at the bottom of the cup. Cafe, Black, March 2019 Pearly Pink (please call store to place early orders)